UTQ (Upfeed Text Qualifier)  gives you, as writer, explicit feedback and direct insight into how your article fits the brand and your target readers.

How clear is the message?

Does it fit the right target audience?

Does it have the right balance and sentiment for what I want to express?

Will it engage the reader?

The Quality Markers give you understandable feedback on what writing aspects are in line, or not, with expectations.


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Quality assurance

Get confirmation of the quality of your work and a tangible objective score on how your message is received, how it fits the desired target audience with the right style and sentiment.

It underpins the quality of your articles in your communication with your editors and in any discussions about price and terms.

It also gives editors the opportunity to be very specific in their requirements.


If you do not have Upfeed integrated into your publishing or proofing tool, we will provide your own WordPress-based workspace that you can start using immediately.