Upfeed gives publishers increased reader engagement, clearer style, and a measurable improvement in the reader experience.

Quantitative feedback provides new insights and new optimization opportunities.

Understand why

See how the publication’s style and target groups are defined by specific quality markers. Production and optimization can be managed according to specific quality data.

With user data from your own sources combined into Upfeed’s analysis, you get a better understanding of segment preferences and a better basis for the strategic development of products and organizations.


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Integrated optimization

Integrated with publishing or proofreading tools, Upfeed will provide real-time feedback to writers and editors on how content meets desired quality and style.

Data from Upfeed can also be used by other systems for optimizing the reading experiences to trigger conversions and reduce subscriber churn.

Data from Upfeed can also be used in other contexts, such as providing a better basis for optimizing ad placements.


Analysis information from Upfeed is available via API’s and can be extracted and combined with other data in data warehouse dashboards and other management tools.