Upfeed Publisher provides unique insight into the status and development of your publication.

A powerful tool for strategic product and organization development.

Upfeed provides concrete insight into how your content is perceived from a rich set of quality markers.

Upfeed “digests” your content and, along with your editors, identifies the best articles that match your brand. These provide the basis for the quality markers that become the “signature” for the reference content in the various content categories.

Any deviations in relation to the desired style and quality are thereby quantified.

The data can, via API, be used in data warehouses for management information and as input in other optimisation processes.

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With insight into how different segments have different preferences in relation to style and expression, you can adapt the content production to address segments you want to reach.

Upfeed can thus also be used strategically when establishing new publications, both in relation to content style, staffing and recruitment.


We work continuously to build good, up to date datasets so that we can offer relevant analysis regardless of your position and the data you have.