We give the writer actionable feedback on readability and increased insight into the readers’ perception of the message.

Empirical data show that high Upfeed score, yields longer viewing time and deeper scrolling depth.

The writer gets explicit Quality Markers that explain which aspects of the text need to be adjusted for a better fit with the desired style and target group.

The writers get the feedback they need to continuously produce at the required quality level.

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Quality assurance

Editors can set specific requirements for quality and style.

The writer receives immediate feedback on the Quality Markers that affect how the article is perceived.

Assessment of structure, headings, whether the text flow, sentiment, credibility, whether one sticks to the point, whether it fits the target group, whether it adheres to the desired language profile, etc.

The instant feedback improves the quality and provides a better basis for further use and better pricing in the event of a sale of the content

Article scores can be given inside your publishing system, your proofreading tool, or in your own Upfeed WordPress-based workspace.

You can start using Article-score in our Upfeed WordPress workspace immediately.