We believe in communication that connects and engage.

We believe that our AI technology, based on research and science ,will help you keep your audience engaged

Upfeed is built on NLP, AI and Deep Learning, and has it’s origin  in the finance industry.  Finance is leading the use of AI & Deep Learning.

In order to better solve tomorrows communication challenges, we moved to StartUpLab, together with many of Norway’s lading AI-based start-ups.  In parallel, we are building the best team for the job. 

We are very proud that, among about 150 applicants, we were one of 9 who qualified to participate in StartUpLab’s accelerator program for the spring of 2022.


We are also pleased that NCE Media at Media City Bergen ™
found Upfeed so exciting that they have invited us to give a talk at Future Week on how Upfeed increases reader engagement. We have also been invited to join the cluster.


Joakim William Hauge

Founder & CEO

Joakim has a passion for creating smart technology to solve important tasks in our society.

He founded Upfeed for the purpose of really understanding how to engage audiences using the latest methods within deep learning, and to share our discoveries with the world. 

Joakim is a seasoned entrepreneur with several success stories including iGroup, which was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Joakim holds an MSc in finance from the University of Wales.

+47 958 20953‬

Tom Skolbekken

Co-Founder – Evangelist & Commercial Director.

Tom’s passion lies in innovating the best convergence of tech, people and processes and sharing the results.  He has, since providing Escenic/CUE to 600+ media clients, had various executive roles for media related tech companies.  

Tom has a considerable global network within the media industry through clients such as The Times, De Telegraaf, Schibsted, Axel Springer, The Globe and Mail, YLE, TV2, etc.

He has held several executive positions for leading tech companies in the media sector. 

+47 9513 5687

Leif Uwe Vogelsang B N W

Leif Uwe Vogelsang


Worked 6 years as head of advanced analysis and AI in Retriever Group. Built the entire semantics-based text analysis platform, which is used on millions of documents in six languages.

In addition to this, Leif Uwe has worked with the development and operation of major IT solutions for, among others, the University of Oslo and Elknor.

After his Bachelor in Management Informatics, Leif Uwe has made various specializations in NLP, Big Data, etc.

Inga Lang

Linguist and NLP developer

Inga has experience from research at the Idiap Research Institute in Switzerland and at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Germany.
She has a double Master in NLP and worked with teaching at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, in addition to various content productions and translations.

Hector Arthur

Hector Arthur 

Executive Advisor

Hector has a passion for content, design, and technology. An established product leader with a portfolio of successful digital innovations and launches, he advises startup and corporate management teams across sectors. Hector is based in London and has previously held roles as an editor and digital director in media businesses including The Times and the Daily Mail, and was the CEO of Cass Business School’s artificial intelligence initiative, JECT.AI.

John Klem

John Klem

commercial executive – North America

John has over 20 years impressive track record of helping companies succeed in the US media market. His extensive network provides access to executives in most US media organisations.  John is based near Berkeley in California.

Our visiting address is: Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo