We love articles that engage.

We want to help publishers improve their reader experience using our AI-based writing assistant. 


Do some of your articles get more views, but you cannot understand why?

Would you like to get a warning if your readers are likely to drop off early reading your article? 

Would you like objective data when discussing how your writers can improve?

How about a tool that helps your copywriters, freelancers and agents write consistently and in line with your style guide?



One platform, a range of services 

Our writing- and editor assistant uses a new paradigm in Deep Learning and NLP to give actionable feedback on how you can improve your communication.

We give you actionable feedback based on a number of Quality Markers on what affects the reading experience.

We help you meet your audience expectations. 

We help you communicate objectively with your writers on how to better reach you readers.



Management information

We provide unique insights into content production. Our tool gives you valuable feedback on how the quality of your articles can be improved to increase viewing time and scroll depth while meeting the expectations of desired target groups.

Research and development

To ensure the best possible foundation and methodology, we have, since 2013, been developing Upfeed in close cooperation with linguists and researchers in AI and NLP at reputable institutions such as Imperial College, Yale University, Purdue University and OsloMet.