We love articles that trigger and engage the readers.

We want to help publishers improve their products and reader experience with our AI-based services. 


We help editors understand why some articles are read more, and provide a new paradigm and language within which they can manage the content creation process accordingly.

Quality Markers give explicit data on what affects the reading experience and on how the texts are perceived.

Writers get real-time feedback inside the CMS on quality, brand adherence, and reading experience.



One platform, a range of services 

UTQ (Upfeed Text Qualifier) gives you a unique tool to communicate better with your writers on how to better reach you readers.

We help you with concrete data on how your message is perceived by the readers in your target groups.

The concrete data on the articles’ Quality Markers provide a solid fundament for management and guidance.

Management gets detailed insight into why some articles are read more and others not.



Management information

UTP (Upfeed Text Publisher) provides unique insight into the quality development of the content production and how the various quality aspects in the articles can be adjusted to meet desired target groups.

Understand what lies behind the reader response.

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Research and development

To ensure the best possible foundation and methodology, Upfeed has, since 2013, been developed in close cooperation with linguists and researchers in AI, NLP, etc at reputable institutions such as Imperial College, Yale University, Purdue University and OsloMet.